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These gadgets are amazing, aren’t they?

Mobile phones have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. The world is swiftly turning towards them because of their multifunctional features, quick communication, and many other advantages. It is quite hard to replace them, be it for any productive task or personal use or social engagement, at home or workplaces.

In this technology-oriented era, we do almost all our work online through mobile applications because they are relatively more convenient and efficient than websites.

What is meant by Mobile Applications?

In simple words, these are the compact frameworks which are pre-installed or available for download on your smartphone. They are a gateway to access various types of services, from doing a basic calculation to buying yourself a pair of sneakers.

These apps are what make your phones SMART.

Applications must be created somewhere, right?


It is a procedure in which a mobile application is created for people so that their important data can be stored safely and efficiently. A typical mobile application uses a network connection to run. Thousands of mobile applications are launched each day. There are about 1.5 million apps each in Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Here are some numbers-

Statistics show that mobile applications amount to more than half of the whole time users spend on digital media. About 90 percent of people’s digital screen time is spent on using different applications for various distinct purposes. The average user has about 30 apps installed on his/ her device and spends about 35 hours a month using them.


There are several Mobile App Development Frameworks, which are striving to provide the user with the best experience. Stats show that the mobile app development market is growing at a rate of CARG 14% and expected to touch 100 USD Billion by 2022.

Some of the most pre-eminent frameworks used to make mobile applications are mentioned below:

React Native | Swiftic | Native Scripts | Ionic | Flutter | Phone Gap | .NET Framework

There are various APP DEVELOPMENT ALTERNATIVES too. Following are some well-known alternatives:

  • Native Mobile Applications
  • Hybrid Mobile Applications
  • Cross-Platform Native Mobile Applications
  • Progressive Web Applications

Where can you access these applications?

Every mobile application is uploaded and can be accessed on a systemized platform on the Internet.

The three most dominating platforms that help in systematizing mobile application developmentare mentioned below:

  • iOS Platform, created by Apple Inc
  • Android Platform from Google.
  • Windows Platform

What are the benefits of Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development provides countless benefits to the users. According to some estimates, the mobile app industry has the capacity of growing by as much as $100 billion by 2020. It allows direct and efficacious communication, improves business accessibility, builds recognition and trust, increases the possibility of profits, ensures security, gives valuable offers, and provides distinct features as well as various services.

Some Programming Languages used by us-

There are numerous programming languages, each having its distinct features. Some prominent languages of them are:

Python | Swift | JavaScript | Java | C++ | SQL | C#

Why us?

Our team at ZorroApps has fully-qualified and amazing employees, with specialization in IT services. We understand the demands of the customers and put all the required efforts and determination to fulfill the expectations of our clients. We are technology-oriented and thus are quick in providing quality service. Our team is always prepared to help our clients and are available to make all the important procedures convenient and easy for them.